Tips to Design the Perfect Deck

Are you considering building a new deck for your home? That’s a brilliant idea but are you confused about the perfect design that will also be a convenient one for your home? We, at CPS Landscapes, have years of experience in decking in Brighton and we have a few tips to help you design a deck which will eventually become an absolutely essential part of your daily activities. Breathe in new joy and new life with a stunning deck in your home.

Research Designs

There are a host of designs that are available for you to choose from. Research them from books, magazines or internet to get an idea of the variety and utility of decks. Remember, a deck is an extension of your house; so the design and style should match that of your home. It should not stand out as a separate structure that looks completely out of place.

Identify the Purpose of the Deck

Make sure to understand the purpose for your decking. If it is simply for lounging and lazing, design it to have an uncluttered look. You may wish to build the deck to entertain guests or host those barbecue parties. Leave room for the barbecue counter and enough space for your guests to move around freely. Also, ensure that the railings are wide enough for resting the glasses of drink.


Maintenance is s a very important consideration when building a deck. This is an outdoor construction and will have to withstand all weather conditions. Moreover, you cannot avoid food spills after a party. If you have pets, these decks will be their favourite location in the house. So, you will need to consider using decking materials which require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. We, at CPS Landscapes, work with a variety of decking materials in Brighton to suit your needs and choice.


A deck will be your haven where you can relax and have a sip of coffee while reading your favourite book. Or, it might be your favourite place to entertain your friends. Choose a location in your house to build your deck which will give you the best view to help you relax and enjoy better.

Now that you know what you want, do not wait any further. Contact us at CPS Landscapes for any kind of decking for your home in Brighton and see it come alive with new joy and activities.