4 Tips On How to Transform a Small Garden

Small gardens can be the bane of any home-owners’ existence. Making it look exactly how you want can be a task in itself, especially if you’re not even sure where to start!

The lack of inspiration on how to make your garden look its absolute best can be somewhat discouraging but fear not! Decking specialist Brighton has 4 top tips on how to transform any dinky garden and get you out of your landscape rut.

Plan It Out

To efficiently make use of all the space in your garden, decking specialist Brighton suggests making a plan of your garden first. This should be a complete plan of what you’d put where items you’d think would suit the space best and your own personal style.

Making sure you’re utilising the space to the best of your ability is important for any small garden as you don’t want to leave any corner out! Decking specialist Brighton likes to make sure they measure out the complete space before going out and buying anything as this can mean you miss out on hidden opportunities and the complete use of the whole space.

Set a Budget

This is also the time where you will think about the budget you’d like to set yourself for the make-over! Setting a budget for the transformation is the best way to make sure you don’t over-spend, especially if you’re on a strict budget.

Splitting the budget into different sections is the best way to effectively plan out your garden transformation by making sure that you know exactly how much is going into each part of your garden, allowing for better planning!


Now that you know the dimensions and measurements of your garden, you can start researching what your particular style is.

Decking specialist Brighton like to look online for décor inspiration (Pinterest is a great place to check out if you’re stuck for ideas) and suggest that you look around a few different sites to collate the best ideas for your perfect garden.

Decorating your garden with items other than plants can give it more of a younger feel to the area, making it feel lighter and happier.
Look for items such as bunting and out-door soft furnishings to give your garden that feel that decking specialist Brighton absolutely loves!

Use potted plants

No grass? No problem! Using potted plants is the best way to properly utilise your space. Using potted plants creates the illusion of having a blooming beautiful garden when you’re unable to plant flowers/plants in the ground.

Adding a more ‘low-maintenance’ flooring option is also a good choice for smaller gardens as they’re easy to look after and you don’t have to have the hassle of trying to mow a small patch of grass.

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These tips are perfect for anyone with a small garden but if you’re struggling to get your creative juices flowing, consulting a professional decking specialist Brighton service is the best option for you.

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