How to Best Look After Your Soil

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 Healthy soil is massively important for the growth as it gives your plants food and water and helps them grow and give higher yield with less effort. Good soil is dark-coloured and crumbly when you feel it with your fingers.

But how can you best look after your soil? CPS Landscapes are here to give you tips and insider knowledge in this informative blog post.

Keep Your Soil Well Drained

Well drained soil dries fast and permits timely planting and growing. In soil that is well drained, oxygen is able to reach the root zone to help promote and stimulate root health. Optimal root growth happens best in soils without drainage problems.

Take it from a landscaping Brighton company, soil needs to be well drained to generate growth.

Stay Off Wet Soil     

Remaining off wet soil is an absolute must if you want your garden to grow. Avoid at all costs walking on and driving over wet soil. The reason for this is, if you constantly apply pressure to wet soil, there will not be enough space for roots to be able to grow. Soil that is packed too tightly will not yield a good growth no matter what you are trying to grow.

A quick tip from a landscaping Brighton company, wait until the ground is dry until you begin planting.

Add Compost to Your Soil  

Compost is a composition of dead plants, roots and leaves. Adding fresh compost to your soil will improve soil nitrogen and plants will be stimulated to grow. If your soil is heavy, adding compost will help the soil drain the water it needs to lose. If your soil is of a sandy composition, adding compost will help the soil hold more water. Adding compost brings earthworms and other living things that help plants and roots grow strong and healthy.

Compost bins are a great way to build up fresh and healthy compost to add to your garden instead of having to buy compost each and every time you require it.

Have Your Soil Tested

Your soil need minerals to help plants grow. Adding the required compost will give your soils the minerals and nutrients that it requires to grow. Some soils however, need more food to grow and be healthy.

Your landscaping Brighton company will be able to test your soil for you and recommend an effective cause of action to help maintain a healthy soil all year round.

Once every three years, a soil sample should be taken to ensure that your soil is of a healthy nature.                                        

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