Easiest Flowers to Grow for Beginners  

It can be disheartening to see your neighbours with blooming and beautiful gardens, especially if yours is a bit lacklustre in comparison. “What are they doing that I can’t?” I hear you scream.

Don’t fret, because landscaping and decking Brighton specialists are going to give you a list of four flowers that any beginner can plant (and keep alive) to have the perfect blooming garden.


Sunflowers are always a favourite, they’re beautiful and wonderful to see outside your window. What’s more, kids love them! They’re the perfect beginners plant to test your green-fingered skills.

These flowers love sun and sheltered soil and if given the right measures, will grow up to 14 feet tall! In order to get perfect sunflower growth, provide the stems with supports, so that the stems can stay straight and perfect.

Sweet Peas

Another beginner’s classic, the sweet pea, is a pretty and fragrant flower that can be the highlight to any garden. Sweet peas are great for those who aren’t usually the typical flower connoisseur, as when you pick them, they just produce more flowers!

A sunny spot, regular watering and a supportive fence is all these beautiful flowers need to thrive, also giving you the perfect flower to showcase on your tables in your home. Only issue is – slugs, snails and mice love these flowers, so keep an eye on them! There are a number of repellents you could purchase to keep them looking fresh and happy.

 Eschscholzia (Californian Poppy)

The Californian poppy is one tough cookie. It thrives easily in dry, un-watered soil, so if you’re known to forget watering your plants then this is the perfect option for you! All they need to live happily is lots of sun and lots of dry soil.

Landscaping and decking Brighton advises this the Californian poppy. This flower is perfect for filling in those spots that are a bit lacklustre in the garden, brightening up any plot with their beautiful red hues. The Californian poppy is also perfect for rock gardens as it is extremely tough and hard-wearing.


Fuchsias are great plants for beginners, as they can easily be grown from plugs and are perfect for adding to hanging baskets. This flower loves moist and well-drained fertile soil, placed in the shade.

Using Fuchsias in your garden will brighten it up instantly, adding that perfect array of colours to the area. Fuchsia fruits are also edible, and can be added to jams to sweeten them, although their berries aren’t always the tastiest.

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