Finding Eco-Friendly Fencing Materials

When it comes to the material of your fence, there are a variety of different factors that commercial fencing Brighton take into account. One of these factors is sustainability, and since our team has been looking deeper into eco-friendly materials, we’ve decided to share our knowledge on the topic.

If you’re serious about saving the environment, then picking a sustainable and environmentally friendly fencing material can be a great step towards reducing your carbon footprint.


As the fastest growing plant on the planet, bamboo is one of the kings of renewable materials. When you consider that bamboo can grow up to three feet tall in 24 hours given the right conditions, it’s no surprise that bamboo fencing has exponentially grown in popularity for sustainable building and fencing.

Commercial fencing Brighton adores using bamboo as it’s incredibly strong while also being lightweight. On top of this, bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs significantly more carbon dioxide when compared with other plants.

Composite Materials

Composite materials have been around for quite a while in the fencing world, but only recently have companies started making composite blends using organic materials. Commercial fencing Brighton like how composite fencing takes advantage of renewable and recycled materials while mirroring the look and feel of wood and coming in a variety of blends to pick from.

The best composite fences will usually take advantage of a slight coating of recycled plastic, making them moisture-free without the use of chemical treatments or sealants.

Privacy Trees and Shrubs

One of the most environmentally friendly choices for your fencing would be to use the environment itself as a fence! Having a living fence made from trees or hedges is the eco-friendliest option while being visually stunning.

While a tree-line of evergreens will provide a thicker and taller fence, commercial fencing Brighton also knows that a well-placed set of shrubs and bushes can stand as a great front-yard fence.

Hedgehog-Friendly Fencing

Yes, you read that right, hedgehog-friendly fencing is something you should be considering if you’re looking to be environmentally conscious or have a garden of any kind you want help maintaining. Commercial fencing Brighton has noticed a growing trend of customers across the UK who have been looking for fencing with “hedgehog highways”.

Letting these adorable little creatures pass through your garden not only gives them the proper grounds to meet other hedgehogs, but it also means you’ll have a little helper who loves to eat garden pests like slugs, caterpillars and beetles. With the hedgehog population in decline since 2002, small efforts like this can help bring back a garden-friendly animal into the British ecosystem.

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Now that you’ve got a better idea of sustainable and eco-friendly fencing options think about what kind of materials you want to use and if you’ll be incorporating a hedgehog highway through your fencing. Once you’ve got your ideas nailed down, give CPS landscapes a call at 01273 421733 for all of your commercial fencing Brighton needs.