Garden Maintenance Tips That all Gardeners Needs to Know 

If you’re not quite as green-fingered as others, and the thought of maintaining your garden keeps you up at night, then this is the perfect post for you. Maintaining your garden is essential, especially during the warmer seasons.

The Brighton garden maintenance company, CPS Landscapes, suggests four tips on how to make your garden look appropriately maintained all year round!

Prune and Weed Your Garden Often

Overgrown shrubs and build-ups of weeds can make any garden look particularly unkempt. The only way to avoid this issue to tackle it head on and pull up those weeds!

A good system to adopt is going around to each plant and shrub and picking and pruning from each one until all the dead leaves and weeds are gone! Some say that it can be quite therapeutic, so if you’re having a particularly bad day it might be good to take out all frustrations on your weeds!  

Maintain Your Lawn

Make sure that you look around your garden for any stones or extra debris that could damage your lawn mower before going ahead with this next step! Keeping your lawn perfectly mown and impressively green is the next best step to making your garden looking beautifully maintained.

Make sure to mow your lawn often, suggests Brighton garden maintenance. Long, forest-esque grass can make a garden look overgrown and unappealing. Mowing your lawn regularly curbs this issue!

Keep it Hydrated

Keeping your garden hydrated is the next step to properly maintaining your garden. Of course, we don’t mean completely drenching it to the point that it drowns the grass and the plants, but a healthy amount of hydration is needed for any plants and grass to thrive.

Brown leaves and rotting vegetation are a sign that a plant is dying, which means that you need to get that plant some water! If a plant, shrub or your lawn is looking particularly sad and brown, it’s time to get some water to the base ASAP.

Plant New Flowerbeds

Planting new shrubs and flowers can make your garden look healthy and colourful all year round. Choose plants that complement each other and be adventurous! A good gardening session is a great time to be alone with your thoughts, too!

If your garden is looking a bit bare, consider adding plants and flowers in beds around the perimeter. Flowers and plants make all the difference when trying to brighten up your garden!

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Our garden maintenance tips are perfect for anyone who’s in a bit of rut with their garden or just isn’t quite sure where to start! If you’re really unsure on how to go about transforming your garden, then call CPS Landscapes today!

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