Tips for getting the most out of garden maintenance

The same question comes up whether you hire a professional gardener to maintain your garden, or do it yourself. The problem is, are you spending your money or your time? If you’re spending money on Garden Maintenance Brighton, then time is money. The more time the gardener spends, the more it costs you. However, if your time is at stake, it’s a question of how effectively you are applying the most precious and irreplaceable resource you have.

Garden care and maintenance is an issue that should be considered at the design stage of the gardening procedure. There is minimal value in a design that will involve you in maintenance costs that you will not be able to afford.

If you like to work in the garden on your own, instead of Garden Maintenance Brighton below are some guidelines to help you out.

Watering the garden

If there are flower beds in your garden, remember they are to be kept moist. Try watering them at least twice a week. Note that the plants need watering early morning or in the evening. You should do this because the soil is cooler at this time and the plant will retain the moisture. Avoid watering the leaves or the flowers as it can cause mould to form. If you are always away, invest in an irrigation system because it will irrigate the plants at the particular intervals and retain moisture in the soil.

Maintaining the landscape

If you reside in a region with high temperatures that go up to 30°C or more, then your garden needs protection from the heat. Do not forget to water the lawn between 4 to 8 am. Just 10–15 litres of water/square meter since it will prevent all kinds of mould formation.

Preventing weed growth

To prevent the weed formation, plant the flower beds as together as possible. This will minimize the space and would not let the weeds to thrive. You can also put mulch to prevent the weeds from growing. You can use the weeding trowel to remove the weeds from their source.

Our Attributes

Honesty, enthusiasm, and reliability are the keys to what Garden Maintenance Brighton offer. We will not leave your job until you are delighted. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Most of our business is acquired through referrals via word-of-mouth, so you can be assured we will provide an excellent service and leave your home and garden immaculate. We can undertake all sizes or projects, whether large or small and promise to deliver on time.

Though based in Brighton, Garden Maintenance Brighton covers the entire Sussex region and will be more than glad to pay you a visit and give and a quote at your convenience.

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