How to Design and Landscape your Perfect Garden

Landscaping is a calming and creative activity, and landscaping Brighton knows that proper landscaping can turn an average backyard space into a beautiful and picturesque garden. Aside from raising the value of your home, landscaping a decorous garden-space can create a nice play-area for your family or become a beautiful vegetable garden to grow your own produce.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you start planning and designing your dream garden. Keep in mind that it is always advised to call landscaping Brighton when it comes to any work you’re unprepared for.

Settle Your Budget

Since it’s easy to get carried away when designing your dream garden, we always advise any landscaper to define their budget clearly. From paving stones to patio decking, every material has a cost, and it’s critical that you decide how much to invest in what parts of your garden. Landscaping Brighton generally advises people split their budget into three parts: structures, hardscaping and plants.

By splitting your budget into three categories, you can get a better sense of how much money is going into which parts of your garden, allowing you to better plan your garden’s design.

Decide your Features

Now that you’ve got a clear budget laid out, it’s time to decide what features you want in your garden. Landscaping Brighton like to look online for gardening and landscaping inspiration (Pinterest always have a huge variety of gardening designs) and if you’re still not sure after looking around online, just think simply about what you’d like your garden to have. Whether it’s a chair and patio to read the newspaper or a nice gravel path to the back gate, everyone has different desires for their garden.

It’s important to try and be realistic during this process. The goal is to come up with a feasible list of features for your new garden, not an impossible and never-ending collection of decorations.

Sketch Out a Plan

With a decided budget and a full list of garden-features, it’s time to start envisioning and designing what your garden will look like. Start by drawing designs on paper using a pencil so you can easily draw and redraw without any problems. Try to plan things with a top-down viewpoint to start with, so you can see if you’ll have the square-footage to accommodate the list of features you drew up earlier.

Don’t be afraid to let your creativity run free when drawing and designing. You can always incorporate more intricate designs at a later date.

Put Your Plan into Place

Now that you’ve drawn out your garden on paper, time to mark it out physically in the actual garden. Now is when you find out if your garden will actually have space for the beautiful fountain you drew up, and how you’ll make different elements fit in the garden-space you have.

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While this little step by step guide will help you prepare and plan everything needed to landscape your garden, it’s important that you always consult a professional landscaping Brighton service before beginning any hardscaping or other serious landscaping work.

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