How to Have a Perfect Lawn  

Having the typical ‘perfect’ lawn is an achievement that we all strive for in our gardens, but very little of us actually know exactly how it’s done. How exactly do we get those crisp lines, and how do we get our grass looking beautifully green?

Landscaping company Brighton have done the research, and these are the four best tips on getting your lawn looking its absolute best.

Plan the Layout

Thinking about the layout of your lawn is the first step you need to take before ripping anything up. Thinking about the edges of your lawn is an excellent place to start; Do you want them to be straight? Curved? These are the things you need to be thinking about during your planning, suggests the landscaping company Brighton.

Try not to make your beds too narrow, as you want to achieve a good visual balance between the width of the beds and the lawn. This is also a great time to plan the rest of your garden’s layout if you’re planning a whole new landscape, or if you weren’t originally planning on doing an entirely new landscape then this could be the perfect excuse!

Strive for Straight Edges

The edges of your lawn should be super straight, while curves should be broadly sweeping. Every time you mow the lawn, use edging shears to really crisp up those lines. A lawn with straight edges really gives your garden that professional and smart look.

Aim to keep front-row plants behind the edges you’ve ever so carefully placed, and they will stay that way, giving you a crisp and beautiful finished look.

Use the Right Mower

The right mower for your lawn is essential knowledge for you to hone. Knowing which mower to use for your lawn is one step closer to owning that perfect garden. Cylinder mowers create wonderfully straight lines and the neatest cut, giving you the stereotypical perfect lawn lines. Other mowers are also a great option, such as rotary and mulch mowers which both have equally beneficial qualities.

Don’t Cut Too Short

Try to mow very little during the summer months. This is because lumps and bumps become incredibly obvious and also encourages moss and weeds to grow. Mowing through the summer can also be damaging to your lawn when the country goes through hot spells, meaning the grass will die faster, losing any moisture it may have.

Mowing through the colder months is your best bet for a healthy and beautiful looking lawn, but make sure to keep your blade on a higher setting when you do so, suggests landscaping company Brighton.

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These tips are perfect for anyone looking to refine their garden and the look of their lawn but if you’re struggling on how to get your lawn looking pristine and you’ve tried everything, consulting a professional landscaping company Brighton service may be the best option for you.

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