How to Keep Your Plants Healthy During the Hose Pipe Ban

The UK is currently experiencing an intense heatwave, resulting in a hose-pipe ban taking effect in a vast majority of the country. As a result, those of us who have a long-lasting and beautiful relationship with our gardens will be most affected.

Garden maintenance Brighton want to give you the best top tips on how to keep your garden looking luscious and vibrant, all summer long.

Avoid Cutting Your Grass

Grass that is shorter will be more likely to die or die at a faster rate. Keeping it long will ensure that when the rain does eventually return, it will turn green again faster than it would if the grass were shorter.

Keeping your grass long may look unappealing and problematic if you have dogs or children, so this tip may not be perfect for some.

Collect Any Spare Water

Collecting your water is a great way to get around the hose-pipe ban. Saving the water from places like the bath, kitchen, shower and washing machine is ideal for situations where water is sparse. Water used from these locations is commonly known as ‘grey’ water and is completely safe for your plants and grass. Even if some soap remains in the water, it Is safe to use on plants – the soil will do an excellent job of filtering anything out and will also act as a fertiliser.

Garden maintenance Brighton also suggests to leave out buckets in your garden, just in case any un-announced rain appears throughout the coming weeks. 

Keep Your Plants Hidden in The Shade  

Keeping your plants hidden in the shade is another way of making sure that your plants don’t roast in the sun. This could be keeping them around the edges of your garden where the most shade is, or even making your own shade by putting up brolly’s and other items over the plants.

It would be easier to then water your plants during the day, rather than in the morning or late evening as the water won’t evaporate as fast as it would if placed in the out-right sun. Also consider placing hanging baskets above any planted flowers so that they benefit from any water run-off, garden maintenance Brighton suggests. 

Consider Alternative Water Retaining Products

Adding water retaining gel to the compost of planted pots or in the soil will reduce the amount you need to water your plants. Aquagel sachets are great for many types of plants and planting environments.

Adding this product to the soil of the plant is especially great for potted plants as it can be difficult to keep up with how often they need to be watered. Using this product or any similar will ensure that your plants stay refreshed for longer.

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