Keeping your Garden Beautiful and Easy to Maintain

When it comes to garden maintenance Brighton, keeping your garden trim and beautiful is often a lot of hard work. It’s important to remember that any beautiful garden has hours if not days of maintenance and upkeep that keeps them looking so wonderfully fresh.

While you might not have hours to devote to your personal garden, you’ll still want things looking clean and tidy to impress the neighbours. Below we’ve found some secret methods to maximising your garden’s natural beauty while you keep your garden maintenance at a minimum.

Cut Down on Lawnmowing

Too often gardeners will have a beautifully kept gardening area which sits nearby an overlooked and poorly kept lawn. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but even the most avid gardeners can find it a bore to keep on top of their garden maintenance Brighton.

If you’re gardening in your backyard, consider the option of trimming down the general size of your lawn. A smaller lawn is significantly easier to trim and maintain, while also making the endeavour much less time consuming and more pleasurable. Consider putting in a gravel or stone pathway if it fits in with your garden’s layout or expands your garden-space if the area receives enough sunlight.

Pick Your Plants Properly

You would be surprised at the time garden maintenance Brighton has to spend maintaining certain types of plants that are out of their natural environment. Too many gardeners have big dreams of big plants and flowers, giving themselves far too much work to maintain a plant that simply wasn’t meant to live in their climate.

Research and look into which plants will thrive in your climate, and how much maintenance they’ll require. Self-sufficient shrubs (while not rewarding immediately) can often develop and outshine other plants.

Plants and Other Things to Avoid

Try to avoid using containers in your gardening as they require constant planting up, repotting and general handling. Any plants that require intensive garden maintenance Brighton and pruning should be avoided, with slower glowing plants and hedges generally easier to maintain those fast-growing ones.

Always research what conditions a plant needs to thrive in and avoid plants like mint that can spread uncontrollably and quickly take over a garden-space.

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