Landscape a Mini-Terrarium to Decorate Your Garden

While we typically cover large-scale landscaping and gardening projects, today’s blog post is looking at a more decorative home project not suited for a landscaping company Brighton. Mini-terrariums are a great way to add a vibrant splash of plant life to any part of your home, whether inside or outside.

A terrarium is a beautiful miniature landscape closed away in a glass container, making it surprisingly suitable for a variety of typically plant-hostile environments. Below we’ve outlined some information and tips to landscape yourself a terrarium without needing the help from a landscaping company Brighton.

Why are Terrariums so Fantastic?

Terrariums are an easy and decorative way to bring gardening and plants into almost any kind of environment. Whether you’re in a dry room lacking moisture or a light-lacking office space, a terrarium is a mini biosphere where humidity is retained, allowing the plants to be mostly self-watered as the small ecosystem goes through its natural cycles with minimal intervention.

Constructing a terrarium is an enjoyable home project that allow you to grow a variety of plants. Their low-maintenance nature is perfect for gardeners with busy days who are looking to add a touch of greenery indoors.

What Supplies Do I Need to Build a Terrarium?

Part of the appeal of terrariums is the ease with which you’re able to construct one in little time. You won’t need all the supplies of a landscaping company Brighton, instead just about any clear glass container will do to start building. Whether it’s a fish bowl or an old jar, you probably already have the right container somewhere around your house.

Aside from this, a bit of potting soil, a few pebbles for improved drainage and a touch of activated charcoal (to keep the terrarium fresh), and you’re ready to start planting.

Arranging and Landscaping your Terrarium

Now that you’ve got the foundations laid down, it’s time to start planting. A landscaping company Brighton will be able to tell you that you’ll want to arrange your plants with the taller ones at the back with the shorter plants in front.

Slow-growing plants are often great fits for terrariums, and match the low-maintenance theme of the terrarium. Make sure to add a splash of colour and some different textures with some moss or uniquely coloured plants.

Show Off Your Terrarium to a Landscaping Company Brighton

Now that you’ve got a beautifully built terrarium, find somewhere to place it and let the miniature ecosystem do its job. Of course, there’s an immense amount of gorgeous dedicated terrarium containers you can find, there’s something special about building a beautiful landscape out of a common container you had lying around the house already.

Terrariums are an accessible stepping stone into the world of gardening and landscaping, however there’s also an incredibly dedicated scene of terrarium enthusiasts that create a variety of vibrant miniature landscapes. Make sure to have fun landscaping your terrarium by arranging plants, rocks, seashells or any other decorative figurines around your lovely little ecosystem. Give us a call today on 01273 421733 at CPS Landscapes