Laying Turf – The Basics

At CPS Landscapes, we provide landscaping Brighton services to the whole of East and West Sussex. Sometimes, to get a brand-new and beautiful lawn, you need to re-turf your garden with a new lawn or ‘turf’. ‘How do you achieve that?’, we hear you ask. Well, look no further.

If you’re looking to resurface or replace your lawn, continue to read this post. Here are the absolute essential tips you need to know when laying turf in your garden.

Getting Started

First things first, you need to know when the best time of year is to lay your turf. Turf that is laid on soil that is warm and moist will establish a lot quicker than on soil that is hard and cold.

Be sure to pick your time of the month accordingly to the season. Autumn would be a great time to lay your new turf as it would be regularly watered by the autumn weather. Laying your new turf in summer and spring is also allowed; however, you need to be more vigilant about watering in order for it to take to the soil beneath.

What to Buy

The next step of laying turf in your garden can be quite confusing, meaning that you need to have a relatively good idea of what you’re after when purchasing your turf.

For example, how much turf do you need? What type of turf are you going to buy? The thing about lawn turf is that there are many different types to suit every need you can think of. There are specific lawn turf’s that suit domestic needs, dry and water-less needs and even grass to suit those showcasing a landscaping project. Landscaping Brighton advises thinking about these options and researching before going ahead to the next step.

Laying the Turf

A bit of preparation goes into laying your new turf before actually laying it down. First off, you need to prepare the soil underneath the turf. This means removing any of the old grass, taking away any stones or weeds that may be in the way and then flattening the lumps and bumps to make a nice, smooth surface.

Make sure you lay your turf in straight lines, slowly unrolling it to avoid any damaging to the grass. Be sure to get help when performing this task, if even for a second opinion on how straight the edges are as this part can get quite tricky.

The Aftercare

Now that you have your brand-new turf that’s beautifully laid let’s try and keep it that way! Try to avoid walking on your lawn until it’s fully rooted into the soil. This can take several weeks to happen, so be patient.

Once the grass starts to grow, you will then be able to slowly start grooming. You can start off small, trimming the grass with a high blade setting on your mower. Once the lawn has fully rooted into the soil, you’re free to replace any furniture and begin using your garden to its full extent!

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