Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wooden Fencing

CPS Landscapes is a Fencing Company Brighton that has been providing the people of Brighton with gardening and landscaping services for a number of years.

We know that when it comes to gardens, maintenance work is important to ensure that your garden does not slip into an unkempt state.

Fencing Requires Regular Attention                

One of the aspects of gardens that requires regular attention is fencing.

If you do not regularly maintain your fencing, you may well find it quickly becoming discoloured or damaged.

But how you can maintain your fencing all year round and stop it from looking unsightly?

Use an Appropriate Pressure Washer to Clean Your Fencing

 Take it from a fencing company Brighton, a pressure washer is the best way to tackle a stained or discoloured fence.

It is important that you use a pressure washer that is appropriate for your fencing, if it will not be able to take a high amount of pressure then you need to use a low pressure soft washer in order to not damage the fence.

Be sure to remain around 12 to 18 inches away from the fence whilst using the pressure washer in order to not damage the fence but achieve an even and consistent clean.

Also be sure to constantly move your wand whilst cleaning for the best coverage.

Start by Using a Fencing Treatment

Before you begin washing your fencing with the pressure washer, it is important to first treat the fencing with a deck cleaner or fencing cleaner.

Thoroughly apply the formula to the fencing, leave it to work itself into the wooden fencing and then scrub the wooden fencing with a brush (or use the pressure washer).

Take it from a fencing company Brighton, applying this treatment before pressure washing and regularly will make all the difference and keep fencing looking great all year round. 

What Happens If You Do Not Clean and Maintain Fencing?

Take it from a fencing company Brighton, not regularly cleaning and maintaining your fencing can have several adverse side effects.

Fencing can become discoloured, warp, crack and become generally damaged by the weather and UV rays it is subjected to day in day out.

If you are not entirely sure about how to clean and maintain fencing still or you do not have the time or means to clean your fencing, speak to your fencing company Brighton- CPS Landscapes and we can take care of it for you.

Enlist the Help of a Professional Fencing Company Brighton

 Enlisting the help of a fencing company Brighton will help you make sure your fencing looks great all year round.

Our team can visit your site at a time that best suits you to carry out the cleaning on a one time or regular basis.

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