Top Techniques to Build a Fantastic Fence

Not enough people appreciate the value of a well-built fence, but a garden fencing Brighton expert understands the importance of a good fence. Acting as a decorative border to help us separate and protect land, fences are integral to keeping our garden spaces safe and secure.

Fences are a mandatory element for properties with swimming pools or other hazards in their garden and should be built and maintained well so they can perform their job. Below we’ve written out some top tips for designing, laying out and building your fence so that your garden stays protected.

Before you Build your Fence, Plan your Fence

Too often we see people jumping right into the building process without actually planning out and designing where every piece of the fence will be. Any garden fencing Brighton specialist will always begin by finding the property line they’re working on. This way they can place marks for what is called “control posts”.

Control posts will help you understand exactly what lines you’re building within so that you don’t suddenly find yourself building a fence across your neighbour’s garden. Set and place control posts early, as they are the foundation for your fence’s construction.

The Stake and String Method

If placing and setting control posts is a little daunting, the stake and string method is a garden fencing Brighton classic and might be more suitable for you. This involves placing a small stake for the outside corners of the space you’re fencing and using string to connect the stakes and draw out a rough sketch of your fence’s floor plan.

Worry about the Little Things at the End

When it comes to trimming the tops of your fence posts or picking what colour paint you’d like to finish the job off with, make sure you’ve got your actual fence built first. Fencing is a lot of hard and repetitive work, and it’s important to get on with the boring stuff immediately. Any garden fencing Brighton expert will always get on with the hard work, leaving the decorative fun for the end.

Don’t spend the start of your work trimming each post until they’re exactly the same length. Leave small details like that for the very end, when you’re able to admire your fence standing up and perfect it without any time-pressures.

Final Garden Fencing Brighton Specialist’s Tips

All too often when building the gate of their fence, many people will use a hinge that simply isn’t sturdy enough to support the weight of the gate. Make sure you choose a strong hinge that will be able to deal with any windy weather or when the gate becomes wet and much heavier.

While this might seem counter-intuitive to some, always set up your fence so that the side facing towards your neighbours is the nicer-looking one. Keep the side with wooden rails, hinges and any discolouration facing you as a sign of respect and kindness to your neighbours. Just as important, make sure your fence doesn’t encroach on anyone else’s property. Once a fence is set it is difficult to alter, and it won’t be a pleasant experience. Make sure your fence is built sturdily and won’t risk falling over onto their property anytime soon.

Hopefully, these fencing tips will make the process of protecting and decorating your property easier. If you have any fencing, gardening or decking concerns be sure to contact CPS Landscapes at 012373 421733!