The Underrated but Essential Landscaping Tools

When it comes to landscaping and gardening you’re only as good as your tools, which is why a landscaping specialist Brighton always has his essential toolset ready. Below we’ve compiled a handy list of the most underrated but essential tools when it comes to keeping your garden neat and tidy.

Remember that this is a short list of essentials and is not a complete reflection of everything you need to start landscaping.

The Three Tools a Landscaping Specialist Brighton Will Have

Remember that this is a short list of essentials and is not a complete reflection of everything you need to start landscaping.

Gardening Gloves 

While this might be an obvious one to have on the list, many landscapers underestimate the importance of having multiple pairs of proper gardening gloves. While a landscaping specialist Brighton will usually have three or four pairs of gloves, for the hobbyist landscaper having two separate pairs is enough. Have a pair of light and easy maintenance and another pair for heavier duty work so that both gloves will last longer and be more useful to you.

A pair of latex-coated cotton gloves is usually the baseline as they offer solid protection against thorns while also being waterproof, making wet soil no problem. With these as your go-to gloves, now you need a heavier pair of leather gloves for when it comes time to replant trees, dig holes or perform any other heavy-duty work in the garden.

Hori Hori Digging Tool 

Perhaps the most important and used multi-use gardening tool is the Hori-Hori Digging Tool. In the tool’s native Japanese language “Hori” translates to and is the onomatopoeia for “to dig”, but the name only masks the extremely multi-faceted nature of the tool. Working as a trowel, root-cutter, transplanter and so many more, your Hori-Hori digging tool will quickly become your right-hand man in your garden.

With a serrated side to cut through roots and the blunted side acting more as a trowel, Hori-Hori digging tools will also have a measuring device on the blade in order to plant bulbs or measure the depth of root in the soil. Truly the swiss army knife of the garden, you won’t see a landscaping specialist Brighton without a Hori Hori knife.


While many hobbyist gardeners and landscapers will have a pair of pruners, not enough have or understand the value of a great pair of loppers. Pruners will be more than enough when it comes to deadheading flowers or cutting off smaller stems, however as soon as you come across a tough customer in the garden they quickly become useless.

Instead, get a pair of loppers and you’ll never have this problem again and if you really want to set yourself up for landscaping success, invest in two different pairs. Make sure you have a smaller lightweight lopper to carry around all the time, and while it will be enough for most home and hobby gardening, a landscape specialist Brighton always invests in a pair of heavy loppers for those unexpectedly large branches.

With these three tools, you’ll already be prepared for the majority of light and hobbyist garden work, and you’ll be well on your way to having the proper tools to tackle bigger and tougher jobs. As always, for those jobs that are just too tough to handle make sure to give a CPS Landscapes a call!